Our Focus

PCB and Cable Assembly

M.J Electronics has dock to stock expertise with both turnkey and consigned assemblies finished to any level. Our services include board design, comprehensive test services and cost reducing procurement programs. We utilize state of art equipment and ensure highest industry standards.

Production Engineering

M.J Electronics has been providing comprehensive electronic manufacturing services. We understand that our customers require flexible expedited solutions to their manufacturing needs and we have developed a streamlined manufacturing system to meet these needs. Our capabilities include consigned inventory or turnkey production and can include in-circuit and functional test along with product rework and repair services. We simply provide innovative, timely and cost effective solutions.

Our engineers review all products before production begins to ensure absolute end-product quality. Engineering services include product development, schematic capture, PCB layout, and functional test set development. We are committed to the support and continuing education of our engineer and production staff. We regularly conduct in-house training and also utilize outside educational resources.

Maintenance Contracts

  • M.J Electronics is interested in Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s) and Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (CMC’s).
  • In AMC we will charge separately for every part of systems/sub systems. There will be 4 scheduled visits and 4 unscheduled visits. Here faulty parts will be repaired and/or replaced by our service engineer.
  • In CMC, we will maintain the spares, tools and components. We also repair and replace the faulty parts.